What IS Your Website Copy Doing For You?

lazy cat websitecopy

Everybody knows that you NEED a website to have an effective business online, right? There are no digital sharecroppers here at Bloomers, are there? (Please, for the love of all that’s holy, if you ARE sharecropping, STOP right now. Stop reading. Stop renting. Start owning your turf. Start NOW!!!…we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…)

Just because you are the proud owner of that turf doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using it to its fullest potential, does it? Lazy website copy can keep you, and your business, from looking and doing your best.

With that in mind, can I ask you a few questions? These come straight out of my copy audit and website copy services, so I promise they won’t hurt. Not much, any way?

How’s your A game? Does your website copy grab their Attention? Does it Attract readers/visitors/prospects? Do your headlines grab them by the throat and make them want to read your “stuff”? Does your website copy compel them to continue reading, each sentence drawing them on to the next, like leading a puppy on a leash? Do your calls convince them to take Action?

If not, why not? Isn’t that what that website copy is¬†supposed to do? It’s got a job to do, not just laze around on your page like our sleepy office cats. It needs to be busy, hustling about, getting the reader from point Attention to point Action. And in the straightest, clearest, fastest way possible. If it’s not doing that, then I’d say it’s time for new copy, wouldn’t you?

Now, let’s test it’s sultriness. How much Desire is in your website copy? Girl in the slinky little black number desirability? Or does it remind you of your grandma in her slippers and flannel nightgown? Good website copy builds desire in the reader. Desire to read more. Desire to learn more about the product, brand, offer. Desire to take the requested action. Desire to buy. So, how much desire does your website copy invoke?

Or, does it just laze about, hoping someone will find it to their liking? What does your website copy need to make it more attractive, to help it build desire? A touch of lipstick and a bit of lace, or an out-and-out complete makeover? And can you tell the difference?

Now, A-game is fine, and desire-producing is great, but there’s one more thing your website copy needs to do. It’s needs to have a strong I-beam holding it up. That I-beam is 100% Interest. Website copy that can’t hold the reader’s interest is worthless. They’ll never stick around long enough to build any desire. They’ll never get to the call to take any action. It’s fine to lure them in with attention-getting headlines, but if you can’t keep them there, what’s the point? It’s like the great-looking girl your brother fixed you up with at the dinner party, until you find out she can’t hold any conversation that doesn’t include the Kardashians. You don’t hang around long, no matter how much your sister-in-law wants you to.

One of the quickest ways to lose their interest is to be self-absorbed. Too much “talk about me” in your website copy will turn them off in a hurry. It has to be all about them. Even when discussing your products or services, you have to do so with a focus on THE READER, the buyer. They have to come first. Otherwise, you’re just so much Kloe-and-Kim-loving-blonde to them, lazing about reading the tabloids. Or a scratch under the chin, you self-absorbed feline.

So, how does your website copy hold up? Is it doing its job? How lazy is it? Does it have a good A-game? Is it deliciously desire-provoking? Does it keep their interest? How about its focus on THEM? What IS your website copy doing for you?

If you’ve looked at it, really given it a good, hard, objective look, and realize it’s time to replace, or refresh, your old website copy with better, more productive copy, check out the details of our website content creation services. We’ll cure your lazy website copy fast!

(We make no guarantee when it comes to the cats.)

What Does Your Copy Have to Say About Your Integrity?

Content MarketingThere was an interesting “chat” on Twitter today about brand integrity. What it is and how you can protect it.How you can present it to your prospects and clients. How you can lose it, and how you can get it back. In short, the following points were made:

  • ¬†Integrity is walking the talk. Doing what you say you will, what you say you can. It’s honesty in action.
  • The best ways to communicate your integrity are through clear messaging – no misunderstanding, no mistrust – and through client testimonials – showing how others trust you.
  • The easiest ways to build that trust and integrity are to build relationships rather than make customers, to treat customers as people worthy of your respect, and to admit fault when you are wrong.
  • The easiest way to lose that trust and tarnish your integrity is to not follow through on what you say you will do.
  • The easiest way to rebuild trust is to simply admit fault, and build better relationships.

I’d say we all pretty much want to be known for our integrity. We want customers to be able to trust us. We want clients to know they are important to us, and worthy of our respect. We want to build families or tribes or flocks of loyal, valued, and therefore valuable, customers. It’s been proven to lead to business success time and time again.

Now, to that end, I want you to pay close attention to the ways to communicate your integrity and trustworthiness…through messaging and testimonials.

How’s your message? What kind of story are you telling your prospects? What sort of customer does your messaging attract?

A misleading message can do just that – mislead the customer. A confusing message will result in confused, unhappy customers (IF they can get to the customer phase.) I audited a couple of websites this morning before the Twitter chat. BOTH had messaging problems. The first had a tab that read “Purchase Product” but instead of an actual purchase page, that tab lead to reviews of the products. I never could figure out how to buy the guy’s stuff. The second one was a simple blog-post-as-landing-page. The headline and introduction of the article promised one thing, but then the body of the article discussed something completely different. In the first, the message was confused and confusing – no wonder the guy gets lots of traffic but no sales. The second was misleading, among other things, and a rewrite is in order before the site goes live to avoid customer complaints and/or a high bounce rate.

How are your testimonials? Are they detailed enough to instill trust in others? Are they current, or discussing services you no longer offer, or prices you no longer support?

Poor, outdated testimonials can hurt you in the trust and integrity department almost as much as poor messaging can. It’s the one place in the customer process where you aren’t speaking for yourself. Where others are actually doing the selling for you. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials. And, they don’t have to be “good” reviews, either. But they DO need to be relevant and real. Otherwise, they won’t do you much good.

So, where do we come in? Here at Bloomers Marketing, we specialize in creating clear, concise web copy, whether for a sales funnel or your site. Your customers won’t find your message confusing or misleading. We can express even the most complex messages in clear, easily understood language. And with our testimonial services, you can have current, relevant customer stories to share with your new prospects. (You can find details on both on our Services page.)

Don’t let your integrity and trustworthiness suffer from poor copy. Don’t let another customer slip through your fingers due to a lack of good testimonials or reviews. We can help you and your business bloom. It’s what we do! (And you don’t have to take our word for it, either. You can find testimonials on our site, too.)