Your Afternoon Coffee Break

We started something last year that we want to continue with this year sorta – the Content Marketing Coffee Break. You can find it on Twitter and Facebook. But not quite yet. We’re planning on kicking it off sometime in mid February.

See, I started the Content Marketing Coffee Break last year with good intentions. It was one of my “big” plans for Bloomers’s social media “stuff”. And then it turned from planning, to dabbling, to disappearing.

And when I looked back on why it disappeared, I realized it just wasn’t ME. It was me as “marketer”, but not really me as “person”. And in the breathing time, I realized that what I want to project most to my audience is ME.

100% authentically ME.

The ME who is socially awkward.

The ME who is sometimes just as lost and confused as everybody else.

The ME who doesn’t know it all, doesn’t know where to find out, and who may not even care if she ever knows.

And lastly, and most importantly for the Marketing Coffee Break, the ME who is MORE than just a content marketer.

I love content marketing, don’t get me wrong. But it isn’t ALL I do. Or all I love to do. Is it a passion of mine? Definitely. But serving small business owners is even bigger.

That’s one of the lessons the breathing time taught me. Or enlightened me with. Or hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. You get the picture.

I will ALWAYS have a heart for selling through telling. There just happens to be a bigger space in my heart for serving my fellow small business owners.

So, there are some changes coming to the Afternoon Marketing Coffee Break. You’ll get to see them come February. And you’ll get another invitation to follow along. The break room’s always better with a lively crowd.

Who’s bringing the donuts? I like the ones with sprinkles.

Disclaimer: Bloomers doesn’t have its own Twitter account like it does on Facebook. So, following on Twitter will REALLY introduce you to your friendly neighborhood marketer ME. I feel like I may need to apologize in advance, but hey, you WERE warned.

Catch ya round during the Marketing Afternoon Coffee Break, hosted by Bloomers Marketing. In about a month….

Looking Ahead to 2019

Last week, we looked back at what happened in 2018. The breathing time. Breathing space. Time allowed to think and plan and dream. And now?

Time to put those plans and ideas into action.

2019 is a year of action for me. Time to move forward after months of standing still. Time to move in a new direction, sort of, after years of serving in unfulfilling ways.

Time to get busy and get going. New habits to form, old habits to break. New and old, working together to serve you, and me, better.

I want to really focus on relationships this year. Relationships with clients. Relationships with colleagues. Relationships with Bloomers itself.

I know who I want to serve. I know how I want to serve. I know how I want to reach out and make connections. And how I want to maintain those connections.

Everyone always chooses resolutions this time of year. And words. “Words of the Year” are big things all over social media, even mainstream media. I heard our local morning radio show presenters discussing their words of the year for 2019.

You know me, or you’ll get to know me. I’m not the type to stop at just one word. This year is no exception. Here’s this year’s “words of the year” – in no particular order:

  • Forward
  • Connections
  • Discoveries
  • Service

Did you pick a word, or words, for this year? I’d love to hear about them, and why you’ve chosen them. Drop us a comment or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s to a year of making connections, taking action, and finding joy in all of it.