Looking Ahead to 2019

Last week, we looked back at what happened in 2018. The breathing time. Breathing space. Time allowed to think and plan and dream. And now?

Time to put those plans and ideas into action.

2019 is a year of action for me. Time to move forward after months of standing still. Time to move in a new direction, sort of, after years of serving in unfulfilling ways.

Time to get busy and get going. New habits to form, old habits to break. New and old, working together to serve you, and me, better.

I want to really focus on relationships this year. Relationships with clients. Relationships with colleagues. Relationships with Bloomers itself.

I know who I want to serve. I know how I want to serve. I know how I want to reach out and make connections. And how I want to maintain those connections.

Everyone always chooses resolutions this time of year. And words. “Words of the Year” are big things all over social media, even mainstream media. I heard our local morning radio show presenters discussing their words of the year for 2019.

You know me, or you’ll get to know me. I’m not the type to stop at just one word. This year is no exception. Here’s this year’s “words of the year” – in no particular order:

  • Forward
  • Connections
  • Discoveries
  • Service

Did you pick a word, or words, for this year? I’d love to hear about them, and why you’ve chosen them. Drop us a comment or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s to a year of making connections, taking action, and finding joy in all of it.

When Breathing Becomes Serious Business

We writers often say that words comes naturally as breathing. We marketers often say selling is as easy as taking a breath.

What happens when doing that – breathing – doesn’t come easy? What happens when the “natural” act of breathing becomes a serious, conscious effort?

I found out one day last summer. July 2018 will forever be known as “the breathing time”. It was almost the dying time.

Yes, Blooms, I nearly died last July. That’s why the blog posts stopped. And the email newsletter. That’s why a lot of things stopped. And, in a way, why a lot of things have now started.

It’s a funny thing that happens when you can’t breathe. When your body cannot do the one thing it has done, without fail, since birth.

First, your mind is drawn to the fact that something it doesn’t often have to pay any mind to is now screaming, demanding, for its full and complete attention.

Then, your heart starts pounding so loudly and so hard, you can barely hear over its beating and you can physically SEE it thumping in your chest.

And oh, your chest. It hurts. It heaves. The muscles pull so hard to get air into your body, to sustain your life, that your shoulders cramp. And then your arms and hands. And your feet pull up so that your toes are pointed to the sky.

Every fiber of your being is screaming for air. And there’s no adequate response.

Relief comes in the form of oxygen tubing shoved up your nose. At 4 litres concentration. Just barely. The EMTs consider going to 5 litres, but 6 is the limit and they can get your saturation level up to 90% on 4, so they don’t want to go any higher, for fear you won’t have anywhere to go if levels start dropping again.

Relief comes in the form of medication after the pulmonologist jokes that he could make pretty pictures by connecting all the dots on your x-rays of all the blood clots hanging out in your lungs.

Relief comes after 10 days in the hospital and you can go home. It will take time, they say, to fully recover. To be able to breathe as you once did, without thinking about it. To take a jog along the river, or climb a flight of stairs, or sprint into the house from the car on a rainy day. To sit at your desk and work.

Time. It’s all you’ve got, some days. Time to think. Time to ponder. Time to plan. Mental work, brain draining, is all you’ve got the energy to do. And sometimes, there’s no energy left for doing that clearly.

Lessons were learned in that time during the last six months of 2018. Lessons about genetics. Lessons about Life. Lessons about breathing. Lessons about business.

You’ll notice some changes here at Bloomers. A LOT of changes. We welcome 2019 with optimism. With a spirit of adventure. With the knowledge that it is a second chance at everything.

Join us, won’t you? We’re going to be exploring new ways and old. Traveling some well-worn paths and blazing new trails as we go, too. We’ve got the experience and the skill to help take your small business to new heights. To change your world.

It won’t happen overnight. It’s gonna take time. One idea at a time. One action at a time. One breath at a time.

Let’s hope you enjoy the ride. Let’s hope we can change the world, even just a little.