About Us

Bloomer – a plant that blooms

Bloomer – a person who reaches full competence or maturity

Bloomers – full loose underpants gathered at the knee worn chiefly by girls and women

(Thank you, Mr. Webster!)

WHY on earth would ANYONE name a business, and a marketing business at that, “Bloomers”?


I want to use my skills to help your business grow and bloom to its fullest potential. Whether we’re creating a sales campaign or a website together, we’re adding new life, new potential, new possibility, new beauty, to your business. I’m a natural born “helper”. It’s in my very blood. I am never so happy as when I’m helping someone. I want to help your business bloom into the bright thing I know it can be. And I may just be happier doing it than you are.


I’m a late bloomer, too. Sure, I’ve been writing for years. Freelancing. Agency writer. Newspaper staffer. Radio station copywriter. But I was, well we’ll just say long-past 29 when I decided to become an entrepreneur with my own business. I became a mom-person, with tiny humans to care for, and I never stopped writing. (You’d be amazed at how much typing you can do with one hand while holding a nursing infant with the other.) I volunteered for church, school, political, and civic groups. (Someone somewhere always seems to need fundraising letters written.) But I never thought I could go it alone. Until I did. And here we are. I’m a certified content marketer. A blogging coach. A customer acquisition AND customer retention specialist. I suppose you could say I’m a “sales support specialist” if such a thing existed. Maybe I’ll just create the title and wear it proudly.


I AM a woman. I have a quirky sense of humor. I like the mental image of baggy drawers hanging on a wash line that my logo’s big ol B brings to me. I like the idea that the name sometimes brings a smile to clients’ faces. I also like it when they don’t automatically think “granny panties”, and then blush when it hits them. Maybe it’s too much Monty Python and Dr. Who as a teenager. Maybe it’s just my grandmother’s genes in me. (SHE was a fiesty, hard-drinking, hard-working, hard-living kinda gal.) I laugh inappropriately. I find seriousness suffocating, and conflict nauseating. Why live if you can’t laugh? There’s too much good in this world to get your panties in a bunch, but only if you let it.


Whether it’s the dream of having a booming, blooming business, or it’s FINALLY your time to shine, or you just like to laugh at life, too, you’re in the right place. You’re in good company. Come bloom with Bloomers!