About Bloomers Marketing

What is Bloomers Marketing?

Bloomers Marketing specializes in marketing for small businesses. From mom-and-pop shops on Main Street, SmallTown, to solopreneurial endeavors based at a kitchen table or home office, Bloomers prefers to work with the “little guys”. Why? Because they are the ones that really make things happen. They are the ones that truly change the world, whether they intend to or not.

What does Bloomers Marketing do?

Bloomers provides copy, content, and consulting for your small business’s marketing needs. (We’re working on a deal to provide graphic design, but that’s only available through subcontractors right now.) So, whether you need a brochure, an entire sales campaign, a new website, or just some ideas to point you in the right direction and get you started, Bloomers is the place for you. Services include:

  • Copy/content for printed marketing materials – brochures, postcards, advertorials, catalog copy, sales letters, flyers, business cards, media packets
  • Copy/content for digital marketing – websites, blog articles, PPC advertising, social media marketing, landing pages and “squeeze” pages, case studies and other longer content
  • Email marketing – lead magnets and optin “free reports”, email autorepsonders, monthly/weekly newsletters, sales sequences, abandoned cart series, indoctrination and engagement/re-engagement content, “sign up” scripts to bring brick-and-mortar customers online
  • Consulting – ideas, advice, help, monthly/quarterly marketing plans, start up/launch campaigns

Who is Bloomers Marketing?

Hi! Welcome to Bloomers Marketing! My name is Suzanne Stewart and I’m the founder and chief everything officer of Bloomers. I started in the advertising world in 1991, and I’ve been involved in one way or another with advertising, sales, marketing, fundraising, and/or PR work in one way or another ever since. That means you get years (a LOT of years) of experience and know how from me. You’ll also get a friendly attitude, a quirky (some say warped) sense of humor, and a desire to help. You can read more about me and the origin of Bloomers in a blog article I wrote, if you’re interested. My greatest desire is to help you change your world by changing your business for the better. Together, we can change our world through our businesses, even if it’s just our own small corners of that world.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about his experience with Bloomers Marketing –

“Awesome work! I love it! And a great experience working with Suz. Really helpful and made a big difference in our business.” ~ Greg, Build It to Sell It