The Bloomers Story

How to Become a Bloomer

1. Go to university to become a professional musician. Have a tragic acccident that ends your music career.

2. Become an education major even though your heart isn’t in it and you’d rather be an English or journalism major but there’s no money to be had in writing, right?

3. Leave university with no real desire to teach, so you take a job at a radio station as the advertising clerk. Have a happy accident where you “help” a sales team member write an ad. Get a new job as a copywriter (even though you have no idea what that is or what they do.)

4. “Pay the dues” by working for newspapers, charities, community organizations – often for free. When the “crash” of 2008 hits, you take your self online, as that’s where the “jobs” are. Pay more dues as an “agency writer”, working for clients all over the world – from Australia to Switzerland to New York and LA.

5. Discover that your work is actually making clients millions, while you are paid a workman’s wage as a freelancer. Decide things have to change. Spend time in 2014 and 2015 learning all you can about how to use those words and ideas you’ve been cranking out all these years for others.

6. Spend 2016 and 2017 miserable working (mostly) for the wrong kind of clients. Spend 2018 rectifying that situation and becoming a Main Street Marketer – working with and for the “little guy” in B2B, wherever that Main Street might be. Get happy. Get content. Grow a REAL business working with clients who need help with some or all of their small business marketing.


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