Introducing the Main Street Marketer Program

We’ve started something new here at Bloomer’s Marketing in the hopes of helping more small businesses bloom, grow, and change their world.

We call it the Main Street Marketer Membership. It’s designed for the small business and its marketing needs.

It’s what a good friend of mine calls “call girl” marketing. And no, we haven’t slipped over into illegal activities here at Bloomers. But it is a sort of appropo description for the program

It is marketing services based on TIME. So, just like a call girl, how much you pay is based pretty much on how much time you want to utilize our small business marketing services.

Main Street Marketer has two components: consulting, and then services. It’s designed for the small business who maybe doesn’t quite know what they need. Or who doesn’t need the same thing every month. Or who wants to inexpensively TRY different things to see which ones work best.

Main Street Marketer also allows a small business to get professional marketing services without paying a hefty fee. (We’ve always said we were in this to make a living, not a killing.) So, for a much smaller fee than most marketing agencies would charge, the Main Street Marketer program allows you and your small business to afford professional advice and services.

Main Street Marketer is designed to create a way for your small business to grow and flourish without breaking the bank. It’s designed to give you the guidance and advice you need to know where to go next. How to get unstuck and get you moving forward. And how to keep you moving that way.

We invite you to check out the Main Street Marketer program page here on the website. And to contact us if you have any questions.

It doesn’t matter if your Main Street is in your home office, a big city, in a small town, or even on a different continent. If you own a small business, you can become a Main Street Marketer, too.