Welcome to the Bloomers Blog!

Oh bloody hell! Not another blog…..and yet, here we are. I guess I can’t help it. Welcome, anyway!

I AM a content marketer, after all. I love creating content. I’m more comfortable behind the keyboard than I am talking in person most days. It’s an introvert’s paradise!

As a content marketer and strategist, I firmly believe that every piece of published content should serve a purpose. And the purpose I have for this blog is to form a relationship with you, the reader.

We will address three main topics here on the Bloomers blog:
*content marketing – tips, tricks, how to’s, SAQs and FAQs, etc.
*health and wellness for entrepreneurs like you and me – mental health tips, clean and healthy eating, gentle exercise, a healthy lifestyle, etc.
*how to use your biz to be an advocate and/or ally – pick your “cause”, your tribe, and we will work together to help you advocate for them effectively, influentially, loudly and proudly

Why these topics? Because they are near and dear to my heart. They are the ones that I can pour my passion and pride and energy into without fail. They are what rev me up and what keep me going.

If your business is involved in any of them, or some combination of them, as I hope it is if you are here reading this, then welcome to my world! It’s populated by two very opinionated cats, Maximus Pussycaticus and Mr. Sigmund Noodlespine Doodlefur. And me, head cat wrangler and professional word nerd.

We take our fun seriously and try to put some fun in the serious stuff. Life’s too short for anything else. Come in, change is waiting.