Marketing Tip: Stop Chasing the Next Sale

I don’t know which is worse – the entrepreneurs who hire me to write customer acquisition stuff over and over and over again, or the guys who think that’s all copywriters are good for.

There’s a movement in marketing today that would have you believe that customer acquisition is THE ONLY THING that matters. They are constantly chasing the “next” sale. Constantly trying to get that next click on the Buy button. Top of the funnel is where it’s at, baby! get ’em in and they’ll buy, buy, buy. But the trick is to get them in…

Or is it?

In my years of experience, I gotta say, more money was made from REPEAT sales than it ever was by chasing new clients. Sure, a steady rate of acquisition ensures that business never “dries up”. But it isn’t the end-all, be-all that today’s marketing messages and marketing gurus would have you buy into.

Let me explain.

In simple terms, in the real world, you’ve got customers at ALL levels of the buying process. You’ve got the “before” new folks. You’ve got the “during” people who are in the process of making the decision whether or not to purchase from you. And you’ve got the “after” customers who have actually put money in your pocket.

Now, many of you only care about the “after” folks long enough to send a short one-line “thanks for buying my crap” email before you hit them with another “buy from me” message. In fact, MOST of those “thank you” messages end with another offer to buy.

MOST of your blogs and social media posts are the same stuff – buy my crap, buy my crap, buy my crap. Over and over and over again. Chasing the next sale like a hamster in a wheel.

And, if we’re honest, most of you who practice this type of hamster wheel marketing probably NEED that next sale, because you DON’T know where your next one will come from. And that keeps you running like our little rodent friend.

You’re spending so much time chasing the NEXT sale that you’ve forgotten the LAST one.

You do nothing to nurture the customers that have already purchased from you. You do little to encourage them to stick around your communities or email lists. All your content, all your copy, all your videos and blog posts and tweets are so centered on the buy-my-crap, “next” sale, why would they want to?

There’s a fine balance when it comes to content marketing. You can go too far into the content and forget to market, true. Many do. But you can also go too far into the marketing and forget the content. Or rather, forget that there is more than one purpose of creating content.

Take a look at your marketing. A real hard look. Just how much content, how much copy, how much effort is going into that next sale? And how much is going into community building? Customer support (and NO, one page on your website does NOT count)? Showing appreciation and gratitude for the people who are those putting pennies in your pocket?

Content has many uses. Funnels have many levels. Your business has, hopefully, customers in every stage of the purchase process. How well are you meeting ALL their needs? Meet them, and you’ll meet more of your needs. Otherwise, you’ll be left chasing that next sale over and over and over again.

There’s more to marketing than a hamster wheel. Isn’t it time you got off?

(If you feel you need some help with content strategy – using content for more than just making that next sale – you can schedule a free 20 minute consult call here. for those who need serious help, Bloomers Marketing consulting fees are $125/hour, with a 3 – 6 month written, easy to follow content strategy plan for an additional fee.)

#Bloomin2017 – Goals for Bloomers Marketing


business goalsI promised my Feeps on Facebook my list of business goals for 2017. I know I promised y’all 100 but I couldn’t come up with that many. And some of what I did come up with are a bit close to the bone, so close in fact, I don’t want to share. So, without further explanation or ado, here are my 25 publishable, public goals for Bloomers Marketing in 2017…

  1. two blog posts weekly
  2. create content marketing plan
  3. execute content marketing plan
  4. promotions every month
  5. create a product to provide passive income
  6. daily social media posts
  7. grow Facebook group to 1000
  8. grow Twitter followers to 1000
  9. revise rates
  10. guest publish on well-known site
  11. present at an online conference/seminar
  12. present at a “real life” conference/seminar
  13. add 3 new clients per month
  14. volunteer services for some local group or charity
  15. 6 figure income
  16. read one to two “business related” books per month – marketing, biz biographies, writing
  17. build an email list
  18. develop more consulting/teaching opportunities
  19. add two new mentees
  20. add 5 new Canadian clients
  21. add 5 new UK/Australia/NZ clients
  22. learn better analysis methods to better track achievement
  23. donate to local and international charities – I’m thinking local food bank and Heifer International
  24. defeat writer’s block
  25. feel the fear and do it anyway

There, most are actionable, trackable, achievable (even if I haven’t got the foggiest clue right now HOW) and now they are public. Y’all can hold me accountable. I’ll update every so often with how we’re doing here. I’m excited for this year as never before! I encourage you to share YOUR goals in the comments below. Let’s BLOOM in 2017!