Content Marketing Coaching

Blogging. Facebook. Podcasts. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. YouTube. Newsletters. Webinars. Live Presentations. White Papers.

Content is king, right? Everybody needs it, right? Isn’t blogging dead? Or was it email? Can my business even DO content? Is it really right for US?

How much? How often? HOW?

If you find yourself stuck in a quandary over content marketing, wondering what and when and how, and more, Bloomers can help. 

Content marketing is a passion of ours, and we believe that EVERY small business, especially creative businesses, NEED some sort of content marketing to succeed.

All coaching is conducted one-on-one, via Zoom meetings or in-person. Sessions last 60 to 90 minutes once a week. All coaching is customized to YOUR unique situation. 

Monthly coaching – $750 

Marketing Consulting

Just need some ideas? Someone to guide you, hold your hand, shoulder to lean on? Just starting out and not sure where to go next? Bloomers marketing consulting services has just what you need. Chat with us in person (locals, only), via phone, or using Skype or Zoom. Your choice. 2 hours minimum, may be broken into two 1 hour conversations.

Consulting services – $200