Content Marketing Services

We’re certified content marketers and inbound marketers. Our first love is content – blogs, video scripts, white papers, good juicy content to sink our teeth into.

We offer a small range of content marketing services at this time. We will be adding more in the future, so keep an eye out for updates to this page.

ALL content services can be arranged as monthly retainers. We can provide you with effective, steady content over and over again. Please ask about monthly arrangements to fulfill all your copy needs.

Blogging Services

*Blog Content – $200 per article OR

Monthly retainer arrangements beginning at $750 for 4 posts each month plus blog planning, strategy, and social media posts for blog promotion (2 social media posts per blog post)
Three month minimum for blogging content retainers
Retainers go up to 20 posts/month with 40 social posts, for $2500/month

*Blogging Planning and Strategy – $250/month for up to 12 posts per month – included with monthly retainers

White Papers – $1000 to $5000, dependent upon length, complexity, and topic

We create three types of white papers. All are designed in some way to attract new clients to your business. Each has a very specific purpose, but the end goal is to bring new people to your table.

  • The Lead Magnet
    • Goal: to generate new leads
    • Placement: top of sales funnel
    • Focuses on the solution your business offers your customers. Introduces them to you and your products or services.
  • The List
    • Goal: to engage the reader, can generate new leads
    • Placement: middle of sales funnel
    • Versatile format – X Things You Need to Know About Y; X Tips for Doing Y; X Steps to Achieving Y. Gives valuable information to engage the reader, educate him, and lead him further into a relationship with you and your business.
  • The Closer
    • Goal: to make the sale
    • Placement: bottom of sales funnel
    • Describes one product or service in great detail – all features and their benefits. Can also be case study of product’s or service’s previous successes. Designed to remove all possible objections prospect might have to not making purchase.

Video Content Scripts

Whether you’re building a video content channel on YouTube, want to do a kickass webinar, or just don’t want to “wing it” every time you do a live stream of some sort, we’ve got you covered. Our script writing services will ensure that your video content is targeted to meet your intended goals, and doesn’t leave you hmming and umming away.

*Webinar scripts + slides: $25/minute for 30 – 60 minutes – $50/minute for over 60 minutes

*Short to 3 minute video script packages:

  • 5 for $400
  • 20 for $1200
  • 60 for $2400

Video Content Strategy and Planning
A one hour strategy and planning session so that your video content fits in with your overall marketing and branding efforts, and then a written document so that your entire team can stay on track.

Content Marketing Consulting

We’ll gladly sit down with you via phone or Zoom meeting and help you figure out your content needs, goals, and strategy to meet those goals. The first 15 minutes is free. If you’d like more, we do offer paid consulting for $150 an hour.