Copy Auditing Services

Bloomers Marketing offers a copy audit service. It’s more than just an “edit” or “review” of your existing copy or content. It includes:

*format – is the copy/content constructed properly?
*mechanics – spelling, grammar, punctuation
*purpose – is the copy/content written in such a way as to meet its intended purpose?
*readability – what are the copy or content’s readability scores?
*mobile-friendly – if online, does the copy present well on mobile devices?

What you will receive:

*a Google doc containing a copy of your complete text, with comments, suggestions for rewrites, relevant questions, etc. right IN the text, so you know EXACTLY where the issue lies
*at the end of the doc, you will typically find general comments on the overall impression your copy or content gives, as well as any comments on issues that effect the WHOLE of the copy or content
*a 15 minute consult with us here at Bloomers, on Zoom, so we can discuss your copy audit with you and answer any questions you may have


$400 per PAGE of copy or content – that is type-written OR published URL. We DO audit unpublished copy or content.

*Please note that this does NOT include any VIDEO content. Video audits are NOT offered at this time.