Customer Acquisition Services

You can’t make sales if you haven’t got customers to sell to. These services are geared primarily to finding and converting the perfect customer your business needs.

Direct Mail Master – $1500

It’s only junk mail if it doesn’t make an impression. In today’s high-tech, digital world, we are often inundated with marketing messages. Many believe that’s why good old fashioned sales letters in envelopes delivered by the postman and not an email server are working better than ever before. Make an impression with sales letters that reach them in ways online marketing can’t.

White Paper Professional – $750-1000

I create three types of white papers. All are designed in some way to attract new clients to your business. Each has a very specific purpose, but the end goal is to bring new people to your table.

  • The Lead Magnet
    • Goal: to generate new leads
    • Placement: top of sales funnel
    • Focuses on the solution your business offers your customers. Introduces them to you and your products or services.
  • The List
    • Goal: to engage the reader, can generate new leads
    • Placement: middle of sales funnel
    • Versatile format – X Things You Need to Know About Y; X Tips for Doing Y; X Steps to Achieving Y. Gives valuable information to engage the reader, educate him, and lead him further into a relationship with you and your business.
  • The Closer
    • Goal: to make the sale
    • Placement: bottom of sales funnel
    • Describes one product or service in great detail – all features and their benefits. Can also be case study of product’s or service’s previous successes. Designed to remove all possible objections prospect might have to not making purchase.

List Building Specialist – $1200 first month then $250 monthly

You know you need an email list in today’s business world. I use a unique combination of both online AND offline tactics to create your email list of loyal, raving fans. The List Building Specialist package includes:

  • A custom script your brick and mortar employees can use to encourage customers to subscribe
  • Text for a business-card-sized “reminder” card to include with customers’ purchases
  • Lead magnet to entice online prospects and customers to subscribe
  • Monthly email newsletter to give that list a reason to stay subscribed

Get Found On Google – monthly retainers from $500 to $2500

Online marketing can be a confusing, frustrating place. There are ways to market online that can be very profitable for you. One of those is by using Google’s AdWords program to get found, get leads, and get customers rolling through your doors. Our AdWords account management services start at $500. Get found on Google today!

Foot Traffic Converter – $600

Similar to the List Building Specialist, this package helps convert your brick and mortar customers to online customers and/or social media followers. Get them online while you have them in the store. This package includes:

  • A custom script you and your employees can use to entice customers to join you online
  • Text for your business-card-sized “reminder” card
  • 2 Ideas tailored to your business to offer as “real world lead magnets” to reward customers who join you online (not all led magnets need be white papers, after all)

Lost Customer Acquisition Specialist – $2500

Even the best business doing everything it can occasionally loses customers. Using a combination of direct mail and email, I can help you get some of those lost sheep back into your fold.

“I Can Make You Look Good” – $300 – 500

Sometimes, you just need to look, and sound, your best. Two places where you MUST present yourself in the best possible way are your LinkedIn profile and your website’s About Us page. But not everyone is comfortable or confident writing about themselves. That’s where I come in. I can give you and your business its unique voice. I can help you communicate your message to your readers in ways you can’t. In short, I can make you look good.


See something you like? Set up a call or Zoom meeting and we can chat about your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!