Diversity Statement

I believe that disability access and equality is a right, not a privilege.

I believe that Black, Brown, Indigenous, female, LGBTQ+, and disabled lives matter, that systemic racism, sexism, and ableism exists, and that we should all work to end all “isms” in our world.

I honor all religious beliefs, including the right to not believe in any religion. No one religion should be held in higher regard than any other for business or political purposes.

I am pro-choice AND pro-life. I’ve had the opportunity twice, with both my children, to make the choice, and both times – once against medical advice – I chose life over abortion. However, I do not believe that my beliefs on the matter should be imposed on all women and that they should have the same opportunity to make the choice that I had.

I believe that “pro life” should extend beyond birth to things such as universal healthcare, hunger and poverty relief programs, educational opportunities, mental health access, fair wages, and other resources that create a healthy and stable life, and world, for all.

I believe that climate science is real and climate change a real concern. We were given a beautiful earthly home to inhabit for but a short while, and it is our responsibility to care for it as best we can, holding it in trust for future generations.