Everything I Need to Know About Blogging, I Learned from “Lord of the Rings”

blogging with LOTR
I’ll come clean right here and right now….I’m a huge Tolkien fan. I’ve read his books since high school. I reread at least The Lord of the Rings every year. Sometimes The Hobbit, too. I also own The Similrillion and The Children of Hurin and others. There are many lessons in Tolkien’s books – lessons on friendship, loyalty, Orc hunting. But there are other lessons, too, if you look at them from a blogger’s point of view. That’s why I like to say that everything I ever needed to know about blogging, I learned from reading Lord of the Rings. Don’t believe me? Read on!

  • You need a fellowship. You CAN blog in a vacuum, but what’s the point? You need readers, you need followers, you need friends. You also need other bloggers, to both guest post for you, and to return the favor of allowing you a spot on their blog.. While ultimately, the job is yours and yours alone, you need the support of others to truly make the journey.
  • Never forget the One Thing. Your blog should have a purpose, and that purpose should be your main focus when blogging. (And no, that purpose shouldn’t be selling, but that’s a different post altogether.) Frodo had the One Ring, and that made all the difference. Without it, we’d just have a nice fairy story full of elves and hobbits and wizards. With it, we have a grand adventure that determines the future of Middle Earth. Your blog can determine the future of your business. Keeping your One Thing front and center will help you produce quality killer content that keeps your readers coming back to your blog time after time.
  • Second breakfast is always a good thing. Take time away from your blog, and from writing, to let the thing breathe and grow and develop. A good post once a week is better than a lousy post every day. Stop and refuel by reading others’ blogs, as well. You may find information, inspiration, or just a good laugh. Remember the fellowship? Yeah, take time to dine with them on a regular basis.
  • There will be mountains. And orcs. And battles to fight. Blogging, especially blogging for business purposes, is fraught with dangers. You can write too often. Not write enough. Write content that sucks. Lose readers. Not have any readers. Deal with real life trolls. There will be days when the blinking cursor just sits there, taunting you and turning your brain to mush, even though you’ve GOT to publish a post today. Yes, there will be mountains, but you can get over them.
  • Not all heroes are perfect, and not all bloggers are, either. Frodo had difficulty throwing the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. Aragorn didn’t want to be king. Boromir was perhaps the most perfectly flawed hero since Lancelot. And you aren’t perfect, either. Don’t be tempted to only show your readers the good stuff, the best days, the fake smiles. Let them in on your trials and troubles and pitfalls and problems. Be real. Have a real voice. They’ll appreciate it and so will you.
  • Use a little magic every now and then. Do something different. Post something out of the ordinary. Start a conversation on a controversial topic. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or different. Bloggers can get into a rut, and then the blog gets boring and blah. A few fireworks now and then can add some zip and flash. Use it wisely though, young hobbit. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Just ask Merry and Pip.
  • Lambas bread is good food. Feed your readers good stuff. Offer up good content. No, killer content, that they can really sink their teeth into and get a satisfied feeling once they leave. And make sure your content has lasting power, too. Nothing worse than a blog post that’s completely irrelevant and useless less than a week after it’s written. Trendy is one kind of magic, a steady diet of it leaves you wanting more. Serve them the good stuff, always. It’ll keep them coming back.

There, that’s it. A few blogging lessons from Lord of the Rings. Take what you need, traveler. Use what you can. The road goes ever onward, and so does the blogging!

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PS No dwarves, orcs, elves or hobbits were injured in the making of this blog post.

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