Frequently Asked Questions and Their Non-Negotiable Answers
Where the bossy, business person side of me comes out…

1.) What does it take to work with you?

A signed contract, a paid invoice of at least 50% deposit, and a lot of preliminary paperwork and conversation.

2.) Do you give refunds?

There are NO refunds given. I will work with you until the work is satisfactory. If you refuse to tell me what is wrong, or refuse to have me rewrite the work, then you forfeit any paid fees. I can’t fix what you won’t let me.

3.) What about deadlines? Timeframes?

It is on YOU to get me all required paperwork, research materials, signed contracts, paid invoices, etc. that are necessary to do the work for which you have commissioned me. If you FAIL to do so in a timely manner, I cannot do the work in a timely manner. Therefore, the deadline specified in the contract will be null and void.

Rush jobs/weekend work will be done for you. You want something in less time than I originally tell you? Fine. You’ll just have to pay 50% more it.

4.) What can I expect at the beginning of my project?

You will be provided with a Client Discovery Form and as necessary, project information forms specific to your particular project. These forms are VERY important for me, as they provide me with the information I need to complete your project. I cannot start work on your project until these completed forms have been returned. Upon return of your preliminary forms, you will receive a contract and an invoice. Once the signed contract is returned (electronic signature is acceptable) and the invoice (or at least the deposit) has been paid, work will begin.

5.) What if I want to cancel my project?

There is a project “kill” fee of 50% of any REMAINING fees. All paid fees up to the time you choose to terminate the project are non-refundable. Either party may cancel the project at any time, within 5 business days of the final deadline.

6.) What about after the project?

ALL unpaid work remains the property of Bloomers Marketing. All work is subject to be used by Bloomers Marketing for portfolio, advertising and/or training/coaching purposes UNLESS specified IN WRITING by you. I do work under NDAs, if you desire and provide one for me. The responsibility is on YOU, the Client, to use any content or copy created by us in an ethical and legal manner. I take no responsibility for anything you may do with the work I’ve provided.

7.) What if I don’t like the work?

I will work with you to produce satisfactory and acceptable content EVERY TIME. In the beginning of many Client/Provider relationships, it is sometimes difficult to “get it right” the first time. Tell me, show me, give me examples, let me know how I can better provide you with the copy or content you need, and I will do my best to do just that. I want to help you and your business BLOOM and grow, and we will work until the work is what you want it to be. EVERY project has “rewrite” time and fees included in the contract. It’s not “done” until YOU say it’s done. However, you only have 2 weeks/10 business days from the date of delivery of final draft to request revisions.

8.) Why should I pay you when I can get the work done for half (or less) of the price on Fiverr or UpWork?

If price is all that matters to you, then don’t. But if you want quality content and/or copy from a skilled, experienced professional that will communicate your ideas and messages in the most effective,  meaningful, and profitable way possible, you’ll have to cough up some serious cash for it. It truly is “you get what you pay for” when it comes to content and copy creation.

9.) Do you offer anything besides what’s listed on your sales letter/ About Bloomers page? Can you do ____ for me?

Maybe…depends on the type of services you want/need. I can create all kinds of content and copy, but I don’t always have time or inclination to do them. I love doing what I do, the services I have listed. Other things? Not so much…And then there’s the stuff I’m not as good at as I could be. With a business dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality work, just because I CAN does not always mean I WILL.

10.) Why is everything purple?

Way back when, when Bloomers Marketing was just a tiny seedling of a business, my son wanted to “help” in the only way a then 10-year old could. So he grabbed the camera and took off to take some “pretty pictures” for the very first  Bloomers website. One picture was a beautiful black butterfly on an equally beautiful purple iron weed bloom. It became our header picture until such time as  I could afford a real logo to replace it. That site is long gone (thank goodness, because other than the photo, it sucked!) but the purple and the butterfly remain as part of the brand. And no, it’s NOT my favorite color. Oh, and it turns out, most folks associate the color purple with creativity and royalty. You may call me the queen of creative marketing, or just Your Highness, as you wish.