Services and Rates

NOTE: All payments accepted through PayPal. 50% deposit required on all fees over $300. ($300 or less requires payment in full.) All fees over $2500 can have final payment divided into two. Clients are invoiced for final payment before final copy delivery (typically same day that copy will be delivered.) 

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(If you email, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours, UNLESS it’s over a weekend or holiday. In that case, I’ll reply on Monday.)

Sales Funnel Copywriting package – $5000
Includes the following:

  • 3 sales/landing pages
  • 6 Facebook ads
  • 3 blog posts – 500 to 1500 words each OR 3 product description pages OR a combination
  • 1 white paper, 5 pages or less
  • 12 – 15 emails

“Baby Funnel” Copywriting Package – $1500


  • 1 landing page
  • 12-15 emails
  • 6 Facebook ads

Sales Page Copywriting

  • Optin/landing page – less than 500 words – $600
  • Sales page/OTO/Upsell – 500 – 1000 words – $1200
  • Sales page/product page – 1000 – 2000 words – $2000
  • Sales page/product page – over 2000 words – $2500

Sales page copy can be reviewed here

Video Sales Letter/Webinar Script

$60 per video minute @ 100 – 120wpm

Email Marketing Copywriting Package – $1000
12 to 15 emails – engagement, ascension, re-engagement – for one product/campaign

“I love the emails…I really like the style and intent.” – Greg Corso

Facebook Ad Package – $300
6 Facebook ads – one product/URL per package

White Paper Package – $300 – 500/per page

I create three distinct styles of white papers, depending on their intended purpose. The price varies, dependent on how much preparatory research I have to complete prior to writing. The three styles of papers I create are:

  • The “Lead”
    • Placement/Use:  top of funnel
    • Purpose: to attract leads
    • Audience: Cold traffic, people who don’t know you
    • Topic/Content: Presenting a solution to prospect’s problem. Introduces company. Typically does not name product/services.
  • The “List”
    • Placement/Use: middle of funnel OR engagement
    • Purpose: to keep current customers/prospects engaged and informed
    • Audience: Warm/hot traffic, people who know you, possibly previous customers
    • Topic/Content: “5 Ways to Do _____” “10 Things You Need to Know About __________” Informative, useful information of interest to your customers/prospects
  • The “Closer”
    • Placement: bottom of funnel
    • Purpose: to make sales
    • Audience: Warm/hot traffic, people who know you, possibly previous customers
    • Topic/Content: One product/service/package in detail, listing features, benefits, overcoming objections, FAQs, etc.

Website Content Copywriting Packages – $1500 – $3000
Basic package – $1500 – includes copy/content for:

  • Home page
  • About Us/Our Mission/Our Team page
  • Contact Us/Customer Support page
  • 1 Product Description page

Add-on Testimonial service – additional $1500 – includes:

  • 3 30 minute conversations with customers of your choice
  • Converting conversations into testimonial copy for your site and/or sales pages
  • Can be ordered separately, on its own

portfolio sample





Screenshot of my work on a political campaign in California.

What another satisfied client had to say…
“Our conversions increased by about 100% with the new copy, making it possible to advertise the course at a profit. We even get some organic traffic conversions now.” ~ The Dragontree Spa

Blog Post Copywriting Package – $500
8 blog posts – 500 to 1500 words each.

Check out the Bloomers blog

Copy Auditing Services – $250
Auditing of 2 pages (individual URLs) of published copy OR 4 pages (typed) of unpublished copy. Audits include:

  • Spelling, grammar, language mechanics check
  • “Best practices” check – is the copy appropriate for its intended purpose?
  • Formatting check – does the copy hav all the parts in all the right places?
  • Style, voice, and cohesiveness check – does the copy “go” with the rest of your site/campaign copy?
  • Word doc including full text of copy, with comments and suggestions in the right-hand “comment” sidebar, as well as additional comments and sugestions at the end of the copy, PLUS a 30 minute call or Skype session to review audit report in person.

What a satisfied client had to say…

“Having followed Suzanne’s work for a time, I decided to ask her to audit and review one of my web sites. I’d seen how insightful that she is when it comes to writing copy, and had considered myself fairly competent in that regard. Regardless of how competent I believed I was, Suzanne pointed out several glaring errors in my copy and also made many excellent suggestions on how I could better phrase key points that I was trying to make. Lastly, she was able to make a re-write suggestion that on reflection, dramatically improved my call to action. I will highly recommend Suzanne for her copy writing skills, as well as her attention to detail when auditing content and editing.” ~ Adrian McGivern

Content Marketing/Blogging Consulting services – $75/hour
Help with:

  • Planning and strategy – what you need to do
  • Purposeful publication – when you need to do it
  • Platform – where you need to be doing it

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