#Bloomin2017 – Goals for Bloomers Marketing


business goalsI promised my Feeps on Facebook my list of business goals for 2017. I know I promised y’all 100 but I couldn’t come up with that many. And some of what I did come up with are a bit close to the bone, so close in fact, I don’t want to share. So, without further explanation or ado, here are my 25 publishable, public goals for Bloomers Marketing in 2017…

  1. two blog posts weekly
  2. create content marketing plan
  3. execute content marketing plan
  4. promotions every month
  5. create a product to provide passive income
  6. daily social media posts
  7. grow Facebook group to 1000
  8. grow Twitter followers to 1000
  9. revise rates
  10. guest publish on well-known site
  11. present at an online conference/seminar
  12. present at a “real life” conference/seminar
  13. add 3 new clients per month
  14. volunteer services for some local group or charity
  15. 6 figure income
  16. read one to two “business related” books per month – marketing, biz biographies, writing
  17. build an email list
  18. develop more consulting/teaching opportunities
  19. add two new mentees
  20. add 5 new Canadian clients
  21. add 5 new UK/Australia/NZ clients
  22. learn better analysis methods to better track achievement
  23. donate to local and international charities – I’m thinking local food bank and Heifer International
  24. defeat writer’s block
  25. feel the fear and do it anyway

There, most are actionable, trackable, achievable (even if I haven’t got the foggiest clue right now HOW) and now they are public. Y’all can hold me accountable. I’ll update every so often with how we’re doing here. I’m excited for this year as never before! I encourage you to share YOUR goals in the comments below. Let’s BLOOM in 2017!