Website Content Creation Services

Website Content packages – $1500 – $3000
Basic package – $1500 – includes copy/content for:

  • Home page –  Your front door. Your “welcome” mat. The lobby of your virtual business. Does your Home page welcome visitors to your site? Can they tell who you are and what you have to offer? Does its copy draw them in, or send them packing? Good, solid Home page copy is more than a sales pitch, more than your logo and tag line. It’s your only chance to make a great first impression.
  • About Us/Our Mission/Our Team page – Have a message you want to communicate to your visitors? Have a really awe-inspiring mission behind your madness? What about your great team of peeps that create the magic that is your business? Your About Us page should be your place to spotlight who you are, why you do what you do, and who actually does it. All of that is exciting, exhilarating stuff. Your About Us page should be just as exciting.
  • Contact Us/Customer Support page – What good is all that great content, all that great product, if your visitors can’t get in touch with you? A good Contact page and Customer Support page is clear, concise, and yet inviting. It’s the ultimate Call to Action.
  • 1 Product Description page – You didn’t just build a website for something to do, did you? It has a purpose,and that purpose is typically to make at least one offer. Long form copy, short form copy – doesn’t matter, as long as it gets the job done. Your product or service needs its own feature page. Its own place to shine. Its own place to woo the visitor with its charms. What better way to seduce your prospect than with compelling persuasive, professional copy?

Add-on Testimonial service – additional $1500 – includes:

  • 3 30 minute conversations with customers of your choice
  • Converting conversations into testimonial copy for your site and/or sales pages
  • Can be ordered separately, on its own – Don’t make them take just YOUR word for how great you and your offer are. Give them the words of others, your happy customers. Word of mouth, social proof, testimonials – whatever term you want to give it – sells more than sales copy alone. Your website’s testimonials build instant credibility, instant rapport, with your visitors. It’s like having a trusted friend recommending their favorite restaurant – you can’t help but want to dine there ASAP. Your happy customers can be that trusted friend for your visitors. With professional prompting and polishing, you’ll have testimonials that will do your selling for you!

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